6 Things to Look Forward to at Global 2020

Startup Grind Global Conference, February 11–12, 2020 | Fox Theater + Downtown Redwood City, CA

2020 marks the 10-year anniversary of Startup Grind and the 8th year of our annual Global Conference (Global 2020). Personally, this is my seventh year producing this show and the first year doing it with the most world-class team in the business. My first event had 1,000 people and this year nearly ten times that. The two things which always remain constant? 1) it’s a grind, but one that we love and 2) a good team is everything.

Each year we try to bring you something different, something special. We’ve designed this year’s event and program to bring endless opportunities for not just founders, but for startup teams and those at the forefront of startup groups within their organizations. It’s an event for everyone involved to learn all things tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship and to connect with the best minds and brands in business right now. It’s also been recognized as one of the best in the world.

Alas, here’s a bit of what we have in store.

Diversity — it’s not just a word, it’s a way

  • 45% of speakers and 43% of attendees identify as women
  • 25% of speakers are people of color
  • 30% of speakers started their companies outside of Silicon Valley
  • Startups from over 90 different countries will attend.
  • The age of this year’s speakers ranges from 14–61
  • The level of funding for companies’s represented is from bootstrapped (here, here!) to $24B.

Grab a ticket to Global 2020.


100+ Sessions

With industry leaders and experts from Reddit, Slack, Refinery 29, VSCO, Rent the Runway, Zoom, Disney+, Adobe, Facebook, and more. Get insights on everything from creating an interesting pitch deck to storytelling for press; building an effective marketing campaign to understanding policy and privacy regulations, the list goes on. Here are just a few standout sessions:

Top 5 Qualities of Successful Early Stage Founders with General Catalyst

Data-Driven Business: Curating the Customer Experience with Hulu + Thirdlove

Maintaining Startup Velocity While Building Mature and Reliable Systems with Uber

Negotiating, Investing, and The New Era of Cultural Influencers with Seattle Seahawks Linebacker, Super Bowl Champion, and Six-time Pro Bowler Bobby Wagner

Changing entrepreneurship in America by avoiding Silicon Valley’s Mistakes with Tristan Walker, former EIR at Andreessen Horowitz and Founder + CEO of Walker & Company Brands.

See the full speaker lineup

300+ Exhibiting Startups

With over 4,000 applications from startups in 133 countries, 500+ hours of interviews and an insane amount of inspiration, we’ve narrowed the list down to just over 300 incredible, innovative, high-growth startups who will join us as Global 2020’s exhibiting startup batch.

  • 323 startups from over 49 countries
  • 35% have 10+ people on their team and are rapidly expanding
  • 38% have raised more than $500k
  • 37 industries represented including Software, Healthcare, Fintech, SaaS, AI, E-Commerce

See the full list of Global 2020 startups

Content — for teams, not just founders

Whether you wear one of many hats (as many of us in startups do) or are the sole leader in your role, we hope you’ll find great content catered to you and your journey. Here are a few sessions designed for teams. Take the “attendee journey” below to find even more.

  • Product: Go-to-Market Strategies, Machine Learning, Failing Fast, Scaling PM teams with VSCO, Amazon, SoFi
  • Growth: Disruption, Innovation, Scaling, Global Expansion, Sustainability with Adobe, Poshmark, Google
  • Marketing/PR: Pitching to Media, Storytelling, Influencers, Competition, Mobile Trends, Brand, Launch with Zoom, Andreessen Horowitz, Rent the Runway, Disney+
  • Data: ML for Data Scientists, Customer Experience, Maintaining Velocity, Building Reliable Systems with Uber, Hulu, Greylock
  • People + Ops: Future of Work, Wellness, Teams, Collaboration, Hiring with Sequoia, IWG,
  • Community: Attracting, Building, Retaining a Strong Community + Network with Reddit, Slack, Airbnb, Patreon
  • Founders: Failures & Bounce-backs, Access to $$, Top Founder Qualities with Forerunner, Oracle for Startups, Scale Venture Partners, GV, Thumbtack

Want help tailoring sessions that are right for you? We’ve created an attendee journey that takes into consideration your goals and your purpose for joining us. PS — it includes a great template for a letter to your boss on why they should send you! Let us help guide you: take the attendee journey

Quality Connections — make friends!

As you may or may not know, Global 2020 takes over the streets of downtown Redwood City. This year we’ll have even more outdoor spaces and special events to help you stimulate some creativity and make new friends. The Community Canopy will be open to attendees who want to take a minute to enjoy an activity completely separate to the tech scene — meditate, taste some legit cookie dough with Doughp, demo a Boosted board, find a mentor, or a chapter director from your city. 230 Startup Grind Chapter Directors from 200 chapters & 61 countries around the world will be attending this year’s event (wearing a “Chapter Director” badge and likely some serious SG gear). They’re the best friends to make! We hope you’ll find at least one while you’re there.

Credits, Discounts, Giveaways — from our Sponsors

Our sponsor tent will host partners from a range of industries who are all here to support and offer resources to the Startup Grind community. Exclusive to SG attendees, stop by the main tent (and check your attendee emails) for discounts and giveaways from our partners including Plaid, AWS, Chase, Mailchimp, Oracle, Industrious, T-mobile, Segment, and more.

Just over a week left — on with the grind! We hope you’re excited. We can’t wait to see you there.

just a few of my favorites, from the left: Jelle Kajim (Sales ); Phin Mpofu (Community); Judy Chang (Marketing); Gigi Morrar (Startups)

Not yet attending yet? What are you waiting for! Grab your ticket to Global 2020

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