We’re Celebrating All Things #Mentorship This Month

All Our Mentorship Events Will Be #SGVirtual and Open to the Public

April is Mentorship month at Startup Grind. And though we planned this theme at the beginning of the year, it feels eerily relevant to everything that’s going on in our world today.

For anyone who’s ever had a mentor — and we hope everyone is raising their hand right now! — you know they’re the pinnacle of wisdom and nurturing.

But you also know that mentors aren’t just there to cheer you on during the good times. They show up to encourage you during the down times, too. They challenge you to think creatively. Mentors push you past your comfort zone and make you face things you’d rather not face. They show you that yes, you can do it. And if there’s ever a time to appreciate that type of connection, it’s now.

Over the next 31 days, our Startup Grind events will be tackling topics related to mentorship and what mentorship means in our personal lives and to our work. How do we find mentors? What can we learn from our mentees? Etc.

And because times like these call for creative ways to connect, we’re doing something new. All our mentorship events this month will be #SGvirtual and open to the public.

Have a look below to preview some of our featured events. Or simply click here to see the full #SGvirtual events list.


A Few of Our 60+ Upcoming #SGvirtual Mentorship Month Events

Now, maybe more than ever, we can collectively experience the benefits of connecting with mentors, leaders, entrepreneurs from around the world. And always remember: remote ≠ alone. Enjoy the virtual sessions and keep on grinding!

Want to Register or Explore All Upcoming Events?

Click here to view the complete list of #SGvirtual mentorship events. All events in April are open to the public and virtual, giving you the opportunity to connect with other communities like never before.

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Jeremy WebbWe’re Celebrating All Things #Mentorship This Month

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