Announcing the First 100 Exhibiting Startups on The Startup Program #SGGlobal 2020

While we can’t believe it’s already December, we are proud to announce the selection of our first batch of exhibiting startups! They will be showcasing their latest startup innovations in Silicon Valley in February as part of The Startup Program at the Startup Grind 2020 Global Conference!

Many Thanks!

Thank you to all the applicants so far who have inspired our team. After opening startup applications in August and completing thousands of vetting calls, once again, we bring you some of the top startups in the world.

To date, they represent 29 countries, and cover 27 industries, such as Software, Finance, BioTech, Retail and HR, harnessing technologies such as SaaS, AI, IoT and Blockchain.

These startups have been selected to a hugely competitive program based on their foundational concept, founding team, market fit, user traction and competitive advantage, amongst other things.

Before sharing the list of exhibiting startups, here’s a few things worth noting from our team:

  • Received and vetted 2500+ applications already
  • Accepted 100 outstanding startups
  • …and we are still processing a high volume of applications, so please apply if you haven’t already!

Experience The Startup Program


The Startup Program identifies fast-growth, high-potential, early-stage companies built by founders we think have what it takes to get to the next level.

We work with our community of more than 2 million entrepreneurs across 600+ cities, connecting, educating and supporting them throughout their journey. Our global network and community contributes to the Startup Program’s awesome exhibitions at our flagship conferences in London and Silicon Valley where all startups get the opportunity to showcase their amazing companies. We develop strategic partnerships with brands, governments and organizations looking to reach startups and provide resources to this highly curated community.

Whether you are bootstrapped, have raised a seed round of under $3 million (Grind) or are growing past $3 million and Series A (Growth), we have options for you. Exhibitors will receive a booth, onsite branding, the opportunity to connect with, learn from & pitch to 10,000 high-level Conference attendees, social media coverage to over 1 million followers, full access tickets to attend ongoing panels and much more.

Deadline to Apply

The deadline to submit your application for the Startup Program 2020 is December 15th.

Apply NOW and don’t miss the opportunity to be part of our Global Startup Grind Community!

The Top 100 Exhibiting Startups — Check out the full list here.

Click the image above to see all the startups listed for the Startup Grind Global Conference

The 2020 Startup Grind Conference

The Startup Grind Global Conference (Feb. 11–12, 2020 in Silicon Valley) is the event for startups everywhere. #SGGlobal provides an environment unlike anything else — where more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, partners, investors, thought leaders, and worldwide directors come together for two days of dynamic networking events, meetings with investors, access to invaluable resources, and inspiration led by top CEOs and influencers and more. Join us to connect with the largest startup community in the world.

We look forward to meeting you. See you there!

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Jeremy WebbAnnouncing the First 100 Exhibiting Startups on The Startup Program #SGGlobal 2020

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