Founders can get Talent, Funding and Close Deals With This One Tip

Founders are charged with doing everything from closing huge deals with customers and clients to pitching VC’s and landing talented employees.

Many variables are out of your control.

Many variables are out of your control even when the most important tasks need to be completed. There are many functions that a founder can undertake to improve their odds for success. One idea that has recently been found to be useful is to look for compensation in the actual space where you hold your meetings.

Ready or not — it comes.

Imagine this: You can have everything right, you flew out the day before, your pitch deck is bulletproof, practiced, and memorized, and you’re dressed well. You’ve taken the time to find out what your potential clients favorite sports team is so you can mention their recent win.

Then, you walk into a crowded cafe you’ve agreed to meet in and you can’t find a place to sit down. To your dismay, you end up pitching them while standing outside for 30 minutes. No question, you both leave frustrated.

If you are a product of your environment — it follows that your meeting can be as well? This and many other crucial aspects of your business can be held in an amazing space to tip the odds more in your favor. Here are some examples:

Space: Sunset Views From Intimate Brick Loft

Location: Chicago

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 6.16.08 PM.png


(picture and space provided by Peerspace)

How do you best provide for your clients and your team?

Do you have to fly out to meet with many clients at once? Why not throw in a small talk from your founder and include an industry expert. Top it all off by provide a catered lunch at a space like this.

A beautiful sunlit room, mesmerizing antique brick wall, retro 1960’s furniture and lighting, open beam ceiling, and full wood floor — so many attentions to pleasing details. This space has everything you need to make a presentation to your team with multiple team members and yet secluded enough — with a great view for your clients.

Your people will do better with food.

Provide breakfast or lunch and this turns your sales pitch into a classy meal for your team or client in a place that’s impressive and (maybe more importantly) quiet.

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Space: Santa Monica Offsite Loft

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 5.22.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 5.39.37 PM.png

Sometimes the best way to reward employees (or impress potential ones) is an offsite meeting space.


Spaces like this one shown above with room for meetings and presentations as well as a sunny BBQ loft on the roof can be just right. This space makes it possible to divide into different groups for discussions and then meet back together for finalized decisions. This space has a great atmosphere to encourage relaxation and a view after a hard day.

Who would not love the lights floating above you as dusk comes on while you stay and connect with your guests? This is a great way not only recharge but it’s a way to get everyone reignited about your company vision and boost morale.                                                                         

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Space: Meeting Space Within Converted West-Soma Industrial Building

Location: SOMA, San Francisco, CA

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 10.06.33 PM.png

Flying into Silicon Valley to have your all-important VC meetings? Don’t bother with a potentially noisy coffee shop, use a space like this one in SOMA. Note the high ceilings, the pristine white walls and white ceiling playing off the muted colors below.

Restful breaks.

Don’t forget on a break you can stroll to the getaway loft access. This space is perfect with its variable desk types and chairs where you can plan and execute any type of meeting you are planning. This space also encourages relaxing and lingering after your meeting with spaces and couches for personal conversations.

You will impress any of your investors and please them with your thoughtful preparations to make them all comfortable while working.

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Space: Spacious Theatre Event Space In Historic Noho

Location: Lower Manhattan, New York, NY

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.27.52 PM.png

Some work needs to be bigger and that includes the space.

No question, in the Big Apple — clients and employees appreciate, well, big. They welcome and enjoy larger spaces as well as impressive presentations. This space has the expansive area and the atmosphere you’ll need, especially if you have a lot of potentially big or impressive clients.

Host a summit meeting or small conference in an open, dramatic space such as this one. Note the majestic gold pillars, the comfortable stadium seating, large walkways and no one is going to forget a trip or two over to bar — pleasingly close for convenience. You can present your materials in a place that is prepared with an added flare of class and sophistication.

Couple these amenities (like the quintessential bartenders) and invite great speakers and entertainment to perform on the raised stage. Enjoy the colors, sounds and the people. The groundwork that you have laid here will pay big dividends with a crowd that is pleased and decision makers ready for signing contracts.

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Jeremy WebbFounders can get Talent, Funding and Close Deals With This One Tip

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