Facebook’s bad news for business is good news for Flomo users

Last week, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that another big shake up was happening to their social network’s most important feature – the news feed. [1] Going forward, this feed is going to prioritise content from friends and family rather than brands and business pages.

It’s not difficult to see why he’s doing this – their business is built on user engagement. If the user’s are not happy, they leave and Facebook loses it’s dominance.

Naturally there was a lot of flak from disgruntled business owners who’s Facebook pages have lost much of their usefulness. This move was seen by many as a play by Facebook to increase it’s ad revenues as businesses are forced to advertise to gain attention from Facebook’s 1 billion users.

Why is this good news for businesses using Flomo?

Creating a deal for your business on the Flomo app means that your customers share the deal with their contacts. As this is a post from “friends and family” it is much more likely to be seen than a post from your business page, AND it will spread virally way beyond the audience of your Facebook Page.

What is Flomo?

Flomo is the new promotional tool for business on Facebook. Create “flash promotions” instantly. Customers that “like” and “share” your offer are rewarded with a better deal. You offer spreads virally and you get more customers exactly when you want them.

You are always in control. You can specify a reservation phone number or web link and can close the offer at any time.


For more information on Flomo, described as the lovechild of Groupon and flash mobs, visit

[1] Facebook to Change News Feed to Focus on Friends and Family: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Jeremy WebbFacebook’s bad news for business is good news for Flomo users