Mapping the influencers in Launchrock data for Graeme Obree

The Obree Way

I’m a big fan of, the (currently) free web service to create social launch pages which generate interest, shares and an audience.

In a few short steps, you can set up a page where you can capture email addresses and incentivize visitors to share your launch page with others. It’s well worth a look.

Above is a page we created for the ebook launch of cycling legend Graeme Obree’s training manual, The Obree Way.

You can download data from Launchrock on who signed up, but also who referred that person. Ah ha, I thought! Put this into a Google Fusion table and you could turn a dull list of thousands of email addresses into a network map which would soon reveal the big influencers who you could then follow up with thanks, praise and medals.

It’s ridiculously easy. Export your data from Launchrock. Go to Google Docs and create a Table. (Click Create, and you’ll find Table (Labs) on the second slide out menu.) When asked what spreadsheet to use, select the Launchrock data you just downloaded.

Then just go ahead and create your network visualisation. From the Labs menu, select Network Graph and then alter the settings like this:


Google Fusion

Then you’ll see something like the following network graph emerge. (I’ve removed email address labels for privacy reasons.) Instantly you can see who were the biggest referrers and who they influenced, which you can use for follow up.

Launchrock Visualisation


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Jeremy Webb

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Jeremy WebbMapping the influencers in Launchrock data for Graeme Obree

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