The Future of SEO

We have recently been working on a web development and internet marketing project  for a client who sells CD’s and MP3s online. As well as completely re-engineering their site to enable to secure purchase of CDs and the instant download of MP3s, this project has got us thinking about the future of internet marketing.

A few years ago, internet marketing was all about search. Talk was of ranking, and position. We firmly believe that as of now, if your internet marketing effort is just about search, you are way behind the curve.


The ways in which to market these products is incredible once you start to dig deeper. We have identified these other marketing efforts for this project in no specific order:


  • Advertising e.g Adwords and others
  • Enlist an army of sellers with an Affiliate program
  • Widen your search presence and make sure you are listed with Yahoo Audio and others
  • Comparison shopping sites – Google Base / Froogle
  • Wide reach sites – List limited amounts of products on Ebay, Amazon Z-shops and others.
  • Social networking. Still in it’s infancy in internet marketing terms, but with enormous potential – MySpace, and many more.




If your internet marketing company are not thinking outside of search, you should contact us.


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Jeremy Webb

Chief & Adventurer

Jeremy WebbThe Future of SEO

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