4 Secrets of sensational Facebook timeline pages

facebooktlFacebook have now rolled out their new “Timeline” layout for all Pages worldwide and businesses, brands and causes are coming to terms with the change and their implications.

What are the changes and how can you create a sensational new Facebook Timeline layout?

Data suggests that the smart people at Facebook have done another smart thing. Early adopters of the Timeline layout saw these sorts of results:

  • Reach per post up 19%
  • People talking about a post up 25%
  • Viral reach* up 40%
  • Fan growth rate up 27%

*the propensity for a post to be shared. All data from Wildfire Apps study of 43 early adopter brands.

This should not come as a surprise. They have plenty of users to run tests on. Their hacker culture ensures that they can iterate fast. They believe that “pixels talk.” So any change they made was going to guarantee better user engagement.

If you haven’t already done it, some simple things you can do to make your Facebook page stand out post Timeline are:

Add a great cover photo – sneak in a call to action.

Heart of Scotland Tours

{jumi [pinpic.php][]}Use pinned and featured posts – ask questions, start two way conversations with your fans.



This example helps get conversation going with the use of an open, relevant question but also uses Facebook photo tagging as a sharing mechanism, as the act of tagging oneself is shared with your Facebook friends.

Use appropriate amounts of disclosure to develop stronger ties with your audience.

Not really something relevant to the new Timeline, but we just like the way are doing this.


Create apps – add useful and interesting features to your page.

The new tabs layout provide a huge opportunity. There was a lot of bruhaha about the changes that the Timeline made to Facebook apps. The main complaint was that it was no longer possible to create an app and make it your Facebook landing page. However, the big plus was that apps get a lot more prominence on the page, and this represents a big opportunity for businesses, brands and fans to extend interatation with visitors.


Apps are in effect web pages, so anything you can imagine and build online can be represented as an app. You could create interactive content that is useful and entertaining, provide an online store, mailing list sign up, or online booking. The fact that these apps can also interact with the Facebook Open Graph is really exciting as it allow automation of sharing actions on behalf of fans. More of this in a future post!

fbopen graph

We’ve built Facebook apps recently for Budgetbackpackers and Sage Brown – providing an online “Get a room” service and a mailing list sign up. (Direct email to a warm, targeted list is still a highly effective marketing tool in the new world of social!)


Embrace the new Facebook timeline and you can create a large and rich community around your business, brand or cause.

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Jeremy Webb

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Jeremy Webb4 Secrets of sensational Facebook timeline pages

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