Ranking, spanking

Forget search engine ranking – it's all about business! If you have a web site, and are involved in ecademy then it is my guess that you are aware of the importance of search engines to your business.I read and hear a lot of opinions about web sites and marketing, and I believe that many businesses would benefit from a tighter focus on what is important in their online marketing strategy. I trust these observations from one working at the bleeding edge are useful.
1. It's all about business – know what your online objectives are. Selling more, more enquiries, more pay per click income.

2. Visitor numbers are meaningless without qualification. I'd rather have 100 qualified (interested) visitors a day, than 10,000 junk ones.

3. Be No.1 to someone who cares. There is an obsession with being No.1 on the search engines. Sure this is very important, but make sure that you are No.1 for a term that actually will bring visitors that are likely to convert into customers. The difference can often be quite small. If you are an outdoor teambuilding company, searchers for "team building pictures" don't convert, searchers for "team building events" do.

4. Measure success by your objectives.

5. Use ranking, visitor numbers, user behaviour to continually improve your sites position and conversion rate – don't confuse these with measures of success.

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Jeremy Webb

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Jeremy WebbRanking, spanking

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