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Code Conference : Mary Meeker, 1st June 2016

The publication of this report was flagged up to me by the less famous Zuckerberg sibling, Arielle. This report from venture capital firm KPCB (@KPCB) is essential reading for anyone involved in the internet ecosystem. We all carry a certain number of assumptions about the world around us, but this report presents the hard facts. There’s a huge amount of information in there, and some deep dive data. Some stand out areas that it tackles include:

  • The slowdown of internet and smartphone use growth. The barriers to moving into low penetration territories such as infrastructure, income and user capability.
  • Global economic trends – the growth drivers that are waning.
  • Online advertising growth accelerating, in the face of challenges like ad blocking software. How Spotify and Furious 7 made video ads work.
  • Consumer mind-set profiles – who are the millennials, what they expect and how they act.
  • The evolving consumer landscape bricks, brands and digital.
  • How Stitch Fix are using data collection, personalisation and feedback to create a new way of shopping.
  • The increasing power of video and how delivery methods affect reach and buzz. How advertisers are using brand filters to great effect.

  • Increasing integration of live streams and social experience. (Head smack – I’ve been amazed this hasn’t happened sooner.)
  • How images can unlock new content, community and commerce experiences – for example Houzz.
  • Messaging – strong user and use growth. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat lead the way.
  • Methods of self-expression becoming more sophisticated as we’ve moved from J to Snapchat lenses.
  • Messaging for business customer service and commerce is increasing. “The magic of the thread” – how a conversation with a business means an easy to access log of previous communication, context, specifics, preferences.
  • Sales lifecycle can begin on messaging, end on-line.
  • Messaging apps increasingly becoming the second home screen.
  • The rise of the voice interface – driven by better computing power, better accuracy, better services to interface with. Google voice searches up x35 since 2008. (Need to solve the problem of background noise.)
  • Computers and the automobile industry. Ride and car sharing, self-driving cars.
  • China – Huge opportunities, high barriers to entry for the Western SME.
  • Internet company financing – some overvaluation but some under valuation. Few winners, but those who win, win big.
  • Data as a platform / opportunity – for example, Mapbox, Datadog
  • Data security as a platform – Ionic.
  • Concerns over data security and cyber crime.


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Jeremy WebbInternet Trends 2016 – @KPCB

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