Google Trends released

Another interesting tool has emerged into the Google Labs – Google Trends offering more facinating insights into the way the world is searching.

Google Trends allows you to track search volumes (number of searches) over time for given key phrases. Better still it allows you to comparison search two phrases, to identify which is more popular.

Why might this be important? Google Trends offers a number of interesting insights for the internet marketing professional.

Compare key phrases for popularity. For example which is the most popular phrase: "search engine optimisation" or "internet marketing" Find out here. Ask the right question of Google Trends and you can do some very powerful market research.

Track search volumes over time. This is useful to statistically remove seasonal variations from web site traffic data, giving you a better picture of your internet marketing efforts. It also allows you to see the "lifecycle" for a key phrase. For example "world cup 2006" showsthe curve of a key phrase in the ascendancy.

Google Trends offers invaluable data to the internet marketeer – if you ask the right questions.



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Jeremy Webb

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Jeremy WebbGoogle Trends released

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