£5000 Digital Scotland Growth Vouchers

Anything England can do, Scotland can do better?

You might recall that in a previous blog post we wrote about the Marketplace initiative which is distributing around 20,000 match funding growth vouchers to business. A lot of readers were disappointed as this was only open to English businesses.

We’ve now discovered that there is a little known, and under-subscribed equivalent in Scotland – the Digital Scotland Growth Voucher. In many ways it’s better – £5000 not £2000 and up to 75% funding for any project!

The project has not been widely publicised (it’s currently running as a pilot project) and the closing date for applications has been extended to the 30th August 2014. To apply, simply get in touch with your local Business Gateway who will lead you through the process. 

UPDATE! The scheme returned in 2015, but has now closed Contact your local Business Gateway advisor to see if there are any other similar schemes that might help you.

Eligibility seems to be pretty wide – if you are an SME looking for ambitious growth using the web, e-commerce and digital services then you are well placed to use this scheme.

So if you are a Scottish business, now is a really great time to implement that e-commerce / web / digital plan! Contact Jeremy Webb (Call 0131 618 7770 or email to discuss your requirements and make an appointment at your local Business Gateway to start your funding application.


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Jeremy Webb£5000 Digital Scotland Growth Vouchers

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